Chrysler 200 2011-2014 2.4l Tuning Package

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Chrysler 200 2011-2014 2.4l Tuning Package

Syked Performance Engineering is proud to support the 2011-2014 Chrysler 200 equipped with the 2.4L 'World' engine. Here at Syked, we have worked hard to provide the most complete and accurate tuning support available to the public. The Pro Tuning Suite includes hundreds of highly customized parameters, Syked Pro Tuning Suite is the #1 Tuning Solution for your Chrysler 200Software editable options include adjustable Spark, Fuel, Rev Limiters, Speed Limiters, and Torque Management and hundreds of other parameters that will allow you to fully customize your vehicle as you choose. We strive to give you more access to the factory engine controller than any other solution on the market. The Pro Tuning Suite also works as a CEL Code scanner.

This Package includes the Syked Pro Tuning Software, a Tactrix J2534 communication device, and one credit to register your vehicle. Additional credits can be purchase for other supported vehicles.

*This package does not come with any custom tunes. It allows you to build unlimited custom tunes with Syked Performance Engineering's Pro Tuning Suite software.

Software Features Include:

  • Easy to navigate Tree View
  • Simple Map Sensor Rescale*
  • Color changing cells for increased or decreased values
  • Quick Save Calibration Templates
  • Average of 1200 adjustable parameters per Calibration* 
  • Over 10,000 calibration files mapped for editing
  • Easy Math shortcuts for quick tuning calculations
  • Parameter Descriptions for easy reference
  • Restore Values to Stock Values
  • Show Modified Features only Shortcut
  • 2D/3D Mapping
  • Surface Smoothing/Interpolation

For a complete list of applications supported click here.

 *Not all features are available in every calibration file.

If you want to keep your stock PCM, you can purchase a VIN Flash and send us a working PCM to have the VIN matched to your current vehicle. You are responsible for making sure it is functional. We have no way to test the PCMs.

If you have any questions related to the Software and Handheld please email us at

Syked Performance Engineering Calibrations are sold for off-road use only. All performance Calibrations and Engine Control Units installed are at the customers own risk. Syked Performance Engineering or holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical, or other failure which may result from using any aftermarket performance products from Syked Performance Engineering. Items sold for off-road use only are illegal in many states and provinces and are intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road or highway. Not for sale or use in the State of California.

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