• Chrysler Aspen Security SKIM Key Delete

Chrysler Aspen Security SKIM Key Delete

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Chrysler Aspen Security SKIM Key Delete


Did You Recently Replace a PCM/ECM Only to Find That the Engine Started Then Died, Even After the Computer Was Properly Reprogrammed? If So, You May Also Have A Bad Skim Module Which Would Cause the Vehicle to Not Start. This Service Is for The Removal of The Skim Security Programming Found on Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Engine Computers.

What Syked Can Offer
We Reprogram Chrysler 3 Plug Computers to Remove the Skim Feature Then Rewrite the VIN Back to The Computer. This Will Be A Permanent Solution for PCM Replacements That Had No Start Conditions. If You Would Like to Remove Skim from a Car, with a Failing Skim Module, You Must First Unplug the Skim Module Before Installing a PCM That Has Had the Skim Security Cleared. The Skim Must Remain Unplugged for The Skim Feature to Remain Inactive.

How Skim Works
Every Chrysler PCM Is Capable of Skim Security, Even If the Vehicle Is Not Equipped. The Computer Looks for The Skim Security Signal When the Key Is Turned On. If That Signal Is Found, Skim Security Is Now Activated in The PCM And the Computer Will Now Always Look for The Skim Module. Skim Cleared PCM's Can Also Be Started with Both Security and Non-Security Keys.

Security Light Woes
With Cars Equipped with Skim That Have Had Security Deleted, You Will Find the Security Light May Illuminate. Unfortunately, The Only Solution for This Is to Remove the Security Light from The Speedometer or Dash. (Most Common in Jeeps)

Is This Service Plug-N-Play?
For Most Customers, The Skim Cleared PCM Can Be Installed with No Additional Procedures. Some Users May Find That A Global Code Clear May Be Required Before the Vehicle Will Start.

Please make sure to include Full Name, Address and VIN number in the box with the ECU. Failure to do so will result in delays.

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