• 2004-2005 Dodge Neon Performance Handheld Tuner

2004-2005 Dodge Neon Performance Handheld Tuner

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2004-2005 Dodge Neon Performance Handheld Tuner

Syked ECU Tuning is proud to release a Handheld Programmer for the 2004-2005 Dodge Neon. This flash programmer stores a stock and performance tune and will flash those tunes directly into your PCM through the OBDii Port. The Syked Programmer is a perfect solution for tuning your Neon. Now there is no need to send in a PCM to get bench flashed and no downtime. We have pre-load Performance Tunes on the handheld and have them in-stock for expedited shipping.

The Syked Dodge Neon Performance tunes were developed to optimize the power and torque output while maintaining reliability. Using state of the art equipment to develop calibrations we are able to provide you a Performance Tune for your road course or drag car.

We start our calibrations with a stock file and immediately work on the throttle response. From there it's important to make sure we maintain gas mileage and reliability. Then we take the test vehicle to the Dyno and finish developing the calibration. On the dyno we are able to monitor Horsepower, Torque, Air/Fuel Ratio and if needed Fuel pressure.

At this point we are able to dial in the Power and Torque output while making sure the air/fuel ratio is safe and within the desired range. After we reach the desired output we put the car thru rigid road testing and then we are able to release the calibration. We hope that you have the best experience with our PCM Flashes. Please let us know if anything isn't up to your expectation. Thanks for choosing Syked ECU Tuning!!!

Performance Flash Specs:

  • Rev Limiter set to 7800 rpm (Custom Rev Limiters available)
  • Increased and Modified Fuel and Timing Maps.
  • Improved throttle response, more horsepower and torque!
  • NO Speed Limiter

91+ Octane Fuel Required

Syked Ecu Tuning Calibrations are sold for off-road use only. All performance Calibrations and Engine Control Units installed are at the customers own risk. Syked Performance Engineering, Syked Ecu Tuning, and www.sykedECUtuning.com hold no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products from Syked Performance Engineering. Items sold for off-road use only are illegal in many states and provinces and are intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road or highway.

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