• 2013-2016 Dodge Dart 2.4L Ecu Flash (ECU Included)

2013-2016 Dodge Dart 2.4L Ecu Flash (ECU Included)

  • Brands Dodge
  • Product Code: DART-1316-24L-CORE
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Q: PCM Lock

Do i need to unlock the PCM or is that something that get replaced with the ECU? And if i need to Unlock it how do i need to get that done

A: The product includes an ECU with full tune. The unlock is included in that.


Q: auto tune

If you buy the auto tune for the dart will it still have the rev limiter or is that taken off?

A: The Rev Limiter is slightly increased to maximize power band but is still enabled for safety.


Q: Full MPX bolt-on

What are the final result with the header, catback etc. from MPX? Also how do we make sure we get the tune for the header?

A: The results from the tune are similar to the non bolt on tunes. Their are no additional gains from the tune alone other than cleaning up the tune for the header, etc. The gains you will get are from the parts directly.


Q: Core ecu

It says this option doesn't require me to send you my ecu. Thank you for your time and dedication!

A: No for this product we will supply you with a PCM that is flashed for your vehicle and modifications.

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2013-2016 Dodge Dart 2.4L Ecu Flash (ECU Included)

The time has finally come for what Dart owners all over the world with the 2.4L engine have been waiting for .... a tune that increases performance and throttle response while maintaining 100% engine reliability.  As we all know, the Dart was in dire need of more mph and better throttle response. That is where Syked ECU steps in and makes things happen!

Syked ECU has been hard at work developing a calibration for the Dodge Dart 2.4L Automatic and Manual for a long time now. With no tuning solution available there was no choice but to reverse engineer the factory calibration file ourselves and map the parameters needed. Dozens of hours went into disassembling the code and building a calibration that was consistent on the dyno as well as the street.

With the massive amount of time invested I am proud to present: The Syked Dart 2.4L engine Stage 1 tune! A list of the features included in our calibration can be seen below as well as a copy of the dyno sheet. Note that low and mid range gains are as high as 15-18whp which is really where you feel gains on the street not to mention the 7-10whp peak gain.


* This application requires the PCM to be modified and Unlocked before tuning can be done. This includes an ECU so you get to keep your stock one. We will VIN flash it so its plug-n-play when you receive it.

* Odometer Might Blink, This is normal when a replacement ECU is flashed on the bench. A Proxy Learn is needed to stop the blinking.

Stage 1 Features include:

1. Modified Torque Management

2. Modified the Electronic Throttle Control (Drive by Wire)

3. Calibrated Spark tables to maximize Premium Pump gas

4  No speed limiter

5. Modified Knock algorithm

6. Increased Intake air flow clips

7. Modify ECU algorithm for long tube header


91+ Octane Fuel Required

Please note this package does not require you ship us your ecu... It includes the Ecu and the performance tune all in one. In addition we include a VIN and SKIM flash so it is plug-n-play when you receive it.

Syked ECU Tuning Calibrations are sold for off-road use only. All performance Calibrations and Engine Control Units installed are at the customers own risk. Syked Ecu Tuning or www.sykedecutuning.com holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failures that may occur from using any aftermarket performance products from Syked ECU Tuning. Items sold for off-road use only are illegal in many states and provinces and are intended for racing vehicles which may never be used on a public road or highway. Not for sale or use in the State of California.

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