• Dodge Ram Truck Security SKIM Key Delete

Dodge Ram Truck Security SKIM Key Delete

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Q: What if I buy a computer and don't have the vin can you still remove the skim

I am doing a hemi swap on a 2002 dodge ram1500 all the parts came off a 2004 dodge ram 1500 hemi truck can you still remove the skim program off the computer even without the vin?

A: Yes we can still remove the skim for you.

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Dodge Ram Truck Security SKIM Key Delete

Did you do a custom engine swap and now the security light is flashing on your dash? Will you car start and die after just a few seconds? Chances are the security (SKIM) system isn't married up and working properly. In the late 90's Chrysler implemented a security system called SKIM. The way it works is there is a Key and module around the ignition that communicate with the ecu and looks for a sequence of values to all be the same. If it senses a variation then it will disable the fuel and shut down the vehicle after just a few seconds of running. This can pose a major problem if you do an engine swap into a vehicle that doesn't have a matching key and skim module to the ecu that is needed.

We at Syked Ecu Tuning have figured out a way to disable the Skim from within the ecu for most applications from the late 90's thru the newer models. If your vehicle is already equipped with SKIM then chances are all you will need is a vin flash to sync the ecu to your existing key and SKIM module. This service will require you ship us your ecu to disable the SKIM and then ship back. Average turn around time is 2-3 business days from when we receive your ecu. Thanks for considering Syked Ecu Tuning for all your tuning needs.

Please make sure to include Full Name, Address and Vin number in the box with the ECU. Failure to do so will result in delays.

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