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Having trouble with updates - Brianj5600 - 04-08-2019

The last 2 updates would not work and would not allow me to use my SET software.  The dialog box said could not find pathway to c drive, program file x86, Syked ECU tuning, Syked pro tuning suite, updater.  The only way I can update is to delete everything and reload the software which is a pain.  How can I avoid this next update?

RE: Having trouble with updates - sykedsoftware - 04-08-2019

Sounds like there was an issue with it creating the Update directory.

You should be able to create the directory manually and have no further issues.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Syked Ecu Tuning\Syked Pro Tuning Suite\software update


RE: Having trouble with updates - Iseidere - 10-09-2020

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RE: Having trouble with updates - codeavail - 10-17-2020

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