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Steps How to set up QuickBooks Online Backup
QuickBooks online backup is QuickBook’s supported contribution for online backups. As we all know, QuickBooks Online is a version of QuickBooks Software that has been designed by Intuit.
Steps How to set up QuickBooks Online Backup:

To begin with, actuate Intuit Data Protect
1. Go for the option “Back Up Company“.
2. Look for “Set Up/Activate Online Backup“.
3. Select “Intuit Data Protect” and right-click the green lock symbol
4. Then select “Open Intuit Data Protect” and “Initiate Now”
5. Enter your Intuit Account credentials.
6. Select your inclinations and press “Proceed”
At that point, backup Desktop records utilizing Intuit Data Protect
1. Open the QuickBooks Add-on, i.e., Intuit Data Protect
2. Select “Back up now”
3. Choose which records to back up, at that point “Proceed”
4. Click “Back up now”
5. When a backup is done, select “alright”

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