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New Laptop
How do i get the most recent update software version and get everything working on my new laptop?
afaik the install file has not been posted on the website just yet but once it is you should be able to download it when you login to your account

Otherwise, when you open the software it will ask you to renew or update it if an update is present

I could be wrong but i believe this to be correct, if it is incorrect im sure someone more knowledgeable will step in
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When you first bought the software you would have been emailed a registration key and links to the software. Search Syked in your email. If you can't find it send in a support ticket for software at the link below and it can be resent. Make sure to include your full name, serial number of the handheld or eliminator cable and your order number from your account on the website.

yea its saying my email doesnt exsist which its the only email i have had in years
ok found the old download link now i need a new license key
opened up a ticket

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