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Introduce Yourself
Mike here from WhiteHorse Tuning. Big Grin
welcome to the forum!
WhiteHorse Wrote:Hello
Mike here from WhiteHorse Tuning. Big Grin

Welcome Mike

I´m Mike from Geigercars in Germany.
Hey everyone my name is Michael Decipha Ponthieux from EFIDynoTuning.

I do mostly fords and GMs but tinker with anything that really gets thrown my way that I find intriguing enough to mess with.  Haven't done a whole bunch of Mopar just a few.  I mess with most of the aftermarket ecu's as well.

I do quite a bit of tuning both online and local. My shop is O&E Speed Shop in Kenner, LA.  We fabricate mostly turbo kits for the coyotes so the majority of what I do in house is those.  I was the first to tune a Turbo Coyote with syked software as well back in 2017.  Any chance I get brownie points lol

I do a bunch of programming and development as well.  I've write custom code on the older eec-v's and eec-iv fords for accurate ecu controlled dry n2o shots and stuff like that.  I wrote the standardized datalogging patch code for the quarterhorse as well using TunerPro.  These days I probably do just about as much development as I do tuning.  

In any case happy to be here.  If anyone needs any base tunes to get started for fords using syked just let me know and I'll be glad to share if its something I've tuned before.
decipha @ EFIDynoTuning

O&E Speed Shop - 2333 Aberdeen St. Kenner, LA
EFI Calibrator - decipha @ EFIDynoTuning
I'm Chris, aka BRR or BlackRoseRacing from websites like: AvengerForumz, TurboDodgeForums,, SRTforums and several other FWD Dodge sites.......
    I'm an always learning newbie tuning with the SET software. I've had the software for several years now tinkering with my Dodge Avengers tune
every once in a while using the tried and true "Butt"
I'm hoping with the EFI training seminars I just finished downloading, I'll have more in depth tuning knowledge and be able to tweak my
Avenger and other vehicles even farther using the SET software.
My name is Rick, long time mopar guy, been building engines since I was 10 , Ford, GM,Mopar but most of my focus now a days are the G3 hemis , I can build em, just can't tune them yet. looking to get deeper and more involved in the tuning end of it.
(03-26-2019, 06:54 PM)guhfluh Wrote: I didn't have to read any further than "Ponthieux" to know you had to be from South Louisiana.  Big Grin  Nice to see someone "local" to me knowledgeable with the Syked stuff.

 I'm from Southeast LA, in Houma now.

If you make it out towards the new orleans / kenner area come stop by the shop.

O&E Speed Shop
2333 Aberdeen St.
Kenner, LA 70062

I travel to houma quite frequently as well.
decipha @ EFIDynoTuning

O&E Speed Shop - 2333 Aberdeen St. Kenner, LA
EFI Calibrator - decipha @ EFIDynoTuning
Thank you for letting me join.

My name is Brute, I'm from Albuquerque NM. I am currently working on my BruteRam hemi swap, it is my first swap and I'm not sure how I'm doing, I am having a blast though. I been researching more than swapping, so it seems, but I don't mind the research. Been seeking advice on parts, brands, performance, electrical, ECT.. oh and I'm also waiting for a response from syked about my ecm reflash and skim delete, then I'm wanting to purchase SET handheld tuner. If anyone on here can help me with whatever info you can that would be useful for my swap it would be much appreciated. I have a 04 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 that I was told needed a new motor and the mechanic talked me into buying a 5.7 hemi so I purchased a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 hemi w/MDS, then he backed out on the swap. I couldn't afford to pay a mechanic to take on the job so I decided to tackle it myself. I am a service technician in refrigeration/ heating and air conditioning, I own my own business Just Filters LLC. So I work on my swap when I have time.
would like it if some one took the time to clean up the spam, I know there is a lot going on behind the scenes with Kevin and who ever else is working for him and Syked in general.

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