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2014 Ram with 6spd auto, switch to manual
I'm looking at getting a 2014 Ram and want to switch to a different automatic transmission with a standalone controller.

I see in the competition's software there are switches for changing the transmission types. Is this possible and does it actually function with the Eliminator cable and software?
I'm in the same boat I want to convert my new to me 2014 4x2 over to Manual or a 46RH
We talking a 1500 w/ a 5.7? We don;t cover any Diesel...
But if you are talking something like 68153794AD - 2014 DS 5.7L A8 50S 32G 648 RPM 4X2
I see Configuration Switched for the A580, 4 SPeed Auto, Manual Trans, ZF8, VVT, FRE, HVE, CVT to name a few. Now what all needs adjusting for each switch...???

Yeah we are talking gas. Thanks for the response.
im late but as long as you are just disabling the trans and not switching trans types to be controlled by the ecu it shouldn't be a problem AFAIK

basically at that point the pcm is only considering the trans to be a manual.

You may need to work out the shifter position to inform the pcm between when in gear and when not in gear and controls for the speedo etc.. but it should be able to be worked out i would think
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