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1999 Dodge neon tuning 2.4 turbo
I love to get to know how the OBDII MIL light is configured so that I dont show any codes with emission for example. how to have the pcm not look for secondary O2 sensor, EGR, canister purge and O2 heater readiness codes for emissions. Second I need a walk through on how to get. My 2.4 running on with stock computer. Thanks
What do you mean by "how to get. My 2.4 running on with stock computer." are you doing a 2.4 Swap?

For Off-Road, there are a number of Configuration Switches/Inputs that tell the vehicle what it is equipped with.
What I mean is where are the settings I need to set to switch off certain aspects of the emissions so that i don throw a mil light on. For example i do not have an EGR system in my car which it runs a test to check if the component is their and i would like to turn it off so that the computer don't go into limp mode while i am tuning the car on the track and cause me to have a lean condition with the  fuel system. Next is the purge canister which also dose a test which throws another code for running in idle. Third is the secondary O2 sensor which i dont have because i use a wide band system on that part of the exhaust system
It is for off road just for peace of mind and  so my tunes for my car dont go into limp mode which i had before. last thing are their any calibrations that i could compare that have those  thing  set already. thanks
I guess I can only attach one photo at a time, per message.....
I'm not sure how your pcm options are laid out, but I would go through the CEL section and disable the P codes that trip for an error that
you want to remove. Your stating an EGR bypass, so I would personally go in and disable any P codes involving EGR components. There's also a
configuration page that tells the pcm what your vehicle is equipped with. If you have an option checked stating you have EGR equipment on the vehicle, I would uncheck those so the pcm knows the vehicle is not equipped. Just go through every option under the "configuration" tab until
you find something that mentions an EGR valve.

MAKE SURE you keep notes on the options you change, this way you know what you changed and can always change things back if needed
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can not see any pictures. also is there a calibration for a 2.4 swapped neon that i may download and use it for reforance for my break i tune on stock injectors 21lbs and 58psi fuel pressure.
(03-17-2019, 07:54 PM)neojin29 Wrote: can not see any pictures. also is there a calibration for a 2.4 swapped neon that i may download and use it for reforance for my break i  tune on stock injectors 21lbs  and 58psi fuel pressure.

We don't have a tune vault at this point for download but are working on one. Look under configuration or configuration switches.
can you at least tell me how to set up idle to add more fuel and to add more fuel on acceleration???

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