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420a excel to calibration files and info
enclosed is a stock tune for the 420a eclipse (Avenger, neon, sebring, talon).  The car is non turbo, and will remain that way.  It has undergone some unique transitions in the 11 years that thee has own it, and is, at its current stage, far from stock, and has become quite formidable against turbos, and larger motors.  It is ideal to (since one has yet to post information about the 420a) start with a base tune. The tune, though a base file, IS the stock uploaded from PERFORMANCE PCM *please note, there may be some variables of the software that may not be compatible* (that, one thinks, is an unlikely. occurrence). UNFORTUNATELY THE SITE WILL NOT PERMIT ME TO POST ANY QCAL OR SYKED TUNING FILES (MAKING REDUNDANT A FORUM FOR SHARING INFORMATION!! I may be able to upload surface and function maps in excel. then copy and paste.

PTE Spark Advance; Min. Spark advance; EGR & PT Fuel; warm spark map prescale; WOT FuelSpark & MFFCRV base tune files (base tune are from a performance pcm)  *Note my vehicle has a full spark system. Iridium racing plugs, 10.2mm spark wires, MSD ignition coil pack... Spark can in many ways supplement the n/a.  Do know, that electrical currents are dispersed through warm air...i.e, heat lightning.  During cold temperatures, spark is direct, not being lost through conductivity in warm air. In essence, one may achieve near limitless spark under the right conditions*

oops. I inserted a duplicate file. here are those base tune spark files.  In excel, scroll through header at bottom of page to access all of the data.

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.xlsx   stock base spark adv..xlsx (Size: 10.19 KB / Downloads: 44)
.xlsx   stock base spark adv..xlsx (Size: 10.19 KB / Downloads: 47)
.xlsx   more stock base spark files.xlsx (Size: 11.73 KB / Downloads: 48)

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