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help with idle and adding fuel
i updated my software and now i dont have the ability to go to the p codes to check off what codes i dont want and my scales are not reading in actual air fuel ratio 10 - 16o on the scales.  i cant control the fuel tables for my idle and also for injector resizing. i have a 99 dodge neon with 2.4 form pt cruiser and the srt-4 turbo pistons. i have not yet turbo trying to break in the engine before i put turbo on car.
anyone please help!!!!
What part number?
(05-21-2019, 10:32 PM)sykedsoftware Wrote: What part number?

Thats the load part number

after updating the software i could not get the ecu/pcm to show dtc codes on the configuration tree and also change the fuel to add more fuel to the idle and crank. fuel trims are not able to change once i change the tables it rest after plugin in handled to obdII port.
i can not deactivate p0443 also can not tune with the handle using software because i do not have permissions to change my tune at idle or in wot. so im now using aem fic-6 to tune my car.
Help with idle and adding fuel, We have different abilities to check all the adding fuel data where you have some serious places to increase your ability for assignment writers adding fuel. What you said? if you need to know about it then show about it's abilities.

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