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Coyote Tuning - base tune assistance
Ive been using the old beta sykes setup going on almost 2 years now to tune 11-14 coyotes and its been working excellent.  

Figured Id make a post if anyone is actively tuning these as well I dont mind sharing any tunes Ive done if it helps you get going.

The majoroty of what I do is in house turbo kits but Im also a procharger dealer so do a bit of them as well.

Located in new orleans, la if any locals around your more than welcome to stop by the shop.

I have a new MD-1100 2wd I rent out as well $150/hr.
decipha @ EFIDynoTuning

O&E Speed Shop - 2333 Aberdeen St. Kenner, LA
EFI Calibrator - decipha @ EFIDynoTuning
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Thank you for the post! I’m living in New Orleans right now, and I’ll be sure to stop by your store. I used a turbo set, but it was badly made.

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