• Eliminator-Tactrix Buyback - Tactrix Purchase

Eliminator-Tactrix Buyback - Tactrix Purchase

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Eliminator-Tactrix Buyback - Tactrix Purchase

As many know Syked has discontinued the Eliminator Tuning Cable nearly a year and a half ago. We have has been slowly developing and re-writing our code to support the j2534 Tactrix cable.
After months of beta testing we are going into full production with it. As a result, we will be discontinuing all support for the Eliminator cable and doing a buy back program.
The way it works:
If you currently own an Eliminator cable, we will be transferring all licensed vehicles and unused credits to the Tactrix cable (if you own one already).
If you currently don't have a Tactrix cable we will be doing a trade-in credit on the Eliminator and in return you will get the Tactrix cable at a low price of only $179.99.
If you have a Tactrix cable, and you have not been registered with our software, we will wave the registration fee and upon receiving your Eliminator cable.

In all 3 scenarios,  we will give you 10 credits to use with the Tactrix cable when we receive your Eliminator.

We will be releasing Syked Pro Tuning Suite version 3 for full production and the Eliminator will not be supported after the new year.
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